Get to witness forehand, the soft lifestyle Aza guarantees and brings along with it.
Beautiful living at it’s finest.
Get to witness forehand, the soft lifestyle Aza guarantees and brings along with it. Beautiful living at it’s finest.
Money Transfer
Send & Receive money at the speed of lightning with a 100% transaction certainty, thanks to our Lightning bolt payment technology.
Save your
The Aza Vault allows you to save your money for future use at a time frame of your choice!
Expert Monthly Analysis
Keep detailed track of your expenditure and transactions using our in-depth expert analysis
Split bills with friends
Split any transaction with your friends or even your family to share the cost
Donate to Charities you believe in ❤️
Donate any amount of money to any charity of your choice.
Pay Bills
Settle your bills (Electricity, Water, Internet, Airtime, Cable TV) effortlessly at the comfort from your Phone.
Recurring money transfers
Setup a periodic money transfer order at any time of your choice and watch Aza effectively handle your transactions. Talk about Soft Living.
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Aza Point of Sale (POS)
Aza’s POS feature will allow POS merchants to generate steady profits from the POS/Cash business with little to no startup costs. All that is needed is a smartphone and the Aza app. The POS feature basically allows merchants to sell Cash to users in exchange for a commission. This works because it is often difficult to get quick cash in Nigeria due to location and long queues at ATM machines. More information regarding the POS feature will be provided soon.
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Live softly and comfortably in the Aza Drip while still keeping it cool.
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Virtual Card
Virtual Card
Purchase goods & services with your Aza Virtual Card on any online platform without ever needing a physical card. The best thing about the Aza Virtual Card is the total freedom it offers, from disabling your card at any moment, to setting spending limits, to even pausing subscriptions to services.
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Brand Credits
Introducing Brand Credits, a new way to send brand gift cards to your friends & family via Aza Virtual Card. These funds can only be spent on the website or app of the specific brand.
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A beautifully curated document comprising of all things Aza
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