Get to witness forehand, the soft lifestyle Aza guarantees and brings along with it.
Beautiful living at it’s finest.
Get to witness forehand, the soft lifestyle Aza guarantees and brings along with it. Beautiful living at it’s finest.
Lightning Fast
Money Transfer
Our App dey make sure say money wey you send dey go where e suppose go like thunder wey dey strike. Omo we no dey joke oh!
Save your
This one fit allow you save money wey you no won touch so you go use am later, na you go choose how long you won lock am.
Expert Monthly Analysis
This one dey show you every single thing wey you use your money do for the app for a particular month. Nothing wey ee no go show you.
Split bills with friends
This na wetin una fit use share any kind bill between una selves. una fit reach 5 sef wahala no dey. Una fit also decide how many percent each person go contribute.
Donate to Charities you believe in ❤️
With this one now, una fit help our mission to comot Sapa for naija and help pikin wey no get parents. Person wey give no dey ever lack.
Pay Bills
Una fit use this one pay any bill wey u sabi say den dey pay for naija. U no gas stress yourself, na to just pay your bill go sitdown chill.
Recurring money transfers
This one dey allow people mey den set automatic money transfer to any person, bill or charity wey den want at any time of the day, week or month wey den want.
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Aza Point of Sale (POS)
We yarn una say we no dey joke for Aza oh. This one now, fit allow POS merchants and customer conduct POS transactions without any POS machine or Debit card. Everything go happen for the Aza app. Ee mean say anybody fit become POS merchant if den want.
coming soon
Make you live soft and look fresh for this Aza drip.
coming soon
Virtual Card
Virtual Card
This one dey allow people mey den buy or subscribe to any service or product for any online app or website without any physical Debit card. Another tin na say una fit even adjust many things for the card for the Aza app. Forget, Aza make sense.
coming soon
Brand Credits
Una fit use this one gift funds to your friends & family wey den fit only spend on top the brand wey you choose. The funds go dey in form of Virtual Card so then fit use am as debit card for the brand app abi website.
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